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The line forms early at lunchtime on an announced day when the magazines first arrive from the printers, usually in late May

The students are happy to get their copy of Elysium.  To get here

however is a process that starts in October of the previous year.

In early October, interested students attend an afterschool informational meeting and receive applications for staff and editor positions. They will be called in and individually evaluated. 

Elysium lit staff circle read around_edi

The literary staff quietly reads the submissions and vote their approval on an online app. The editor gathers the information

and a discussion ensues where staff may defend or disagree with the majority group consensus on any given work. 

hall matching no people_edited.jpg

The editor-in-chief (here Amy Meltzer) previews the generated spreads and gives suggestions to the staff. 

ordering the spreads_edited.jpg

When the art is selected, staff write their suggestions below for a poem, play, or essay that seems to match the picture's theme. 

The staff returns to the room and discuss their choices. 

After the art and literature have been paired and each student generates at least two spreads, the editors decide the ordering of the magazine sections and pages. 

Click above for a timeline of event, suggested types of submissions, and tips for finding a printer. 

Elysium Around the School and In the Community 

bulletin board.jpg

Bulletin Boards Throughout the School 

T-Shirts and Business Cards 

Books and Books brochure page 1.jpg
books and books brochure page 2.jpg

End of Year Gala hosted by a local bookstore.The General Public is invited. 

Club Day Participation.  Have lots of flyers to hand out. 

Posters displayed in the halls throughout the school 

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