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Getting the Word Out 

Sometimes the average high school student isn't even aware that their school has a literary/art magazine. This makes getting submissions difficult as well as securing faculty, administrative, and PTSA support for funding and/or initiatives.  To remedy this, make your publication known.

  • Place colorful bulletin displays throughout the school

  • Create a website that links to the school web page for information and submissions 

  • Create short, humorous videos (spot-ads) for the daily announcements

  • Notify the local press if you are having an end-of-year gala. They have covered two of ours.

  • Ask a local book store to host an end-of-year gala 

  • Enter your publication into the following critique agencies:


       NCTE   REALM


  • Fashion club T-shirts that will get the attention of students

  • Display any and all awards prominently in your classroom or in a locked display case in the hall.

  • Participate in your school's club day with lots of flyers on hand

  • Visit your monthly PTSA meeting and inform them of your magazine's worth and awards

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